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DisplayFusion 5.0.0

DisplayFusion Editor's Review

Take complete control of your multiple monitor configured PC with this must have Windows utility.

Today, Windows compatible displays are actually very affordable. You can get yourself a decent HD setup for as little as $199 USD if you watch the sales and play your cards right. For that kind of money, it’s very easy to set yourself up with more than one monitor. Multiple monitors give you the ability to run a number of apps windowed while running a few key apps full screen. This is especially important when one key app or document requires full use of your screen real estate to be effective.  This is why DisplayFusion is an important utility to have. It helps you manage your multiple monitor setup on your Windows box.

DisplayFusion has powerful features to make your multi-monitor, Windows configuration easier to manage and use.  With tools like its Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and its other customizable functions, it’s a no brainer.  The utility will make managing your multiple monitors easy for everyone.

With DisplayFusion's Multi-Monitor Taskbars, you can keep your windows easily organized by adding a taskbar to each of your monitors. The taskbar on each monitor can be configured to show all of your computer's open windows, or only the windows that are running on that monitor. You can use button grouping, auto-hide, window previews, shortcuts, as well as a Start Button to help make working with your apps on each monitor, easier.

If wallpaper is your thing, then you're in for a treat.  DisplayFusion has powerful wallpaper management features that let you use images from your own computer, or load images from online sources. You can tile, stretch, scale, crop, position and even tint your images If you're looking for a way to completely customize the look of your desktop, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Speaking of customizing your PC, when it comes to screen savers, DisplayFusion can help you there as well.  You can span your screen saver across all of your monitors, or even display a different screen saver on each monitor. You can use default Windows screen savers, or you can install your own screen savers.

App Pro’s: Wallpaper management, multi-monitor taskbars, affordable and reasonable licensing terms, works with Windows 8.x

App Con’s: none

Conclusion: If you have more than one monitor, this is a must have utility. DisplayFusion makes working with what has traditionally been a complex, custom setup easy and painless. Its licensing terms are really very reasonable.  If you have more than one PC at home with more than one monitor, for $35 USD (a standard Pro license is $25 as of this writing), you can license any and all of your at home PC's. Its very reasonable and one of the best reasons to register the software.

What's New in Version 5.0.0 of DisplayFusion

- Change: Taskbar support for new alternate Start Menu: Classic Shell
- Change: Taskbar support for new alternate Start Menu: Start8
- Change: Taskbar support for new alternate Start Menu: StartIsBack
- Change: Taskbar support for new alternate Start Menu: Start Menu ?
- Change: Alternate Start Menu (Classic Shell) is no longer bundled, DisplayFusion will use the existing Classic Shell installation if detected
- Change: Taskbar Jump Lists now support the full Windows Jump Lists (frequent, pinned, tasks... etc)
- Change: Taskbar Jump Lists can now be navigated using the keyboard
- Change: Added a new Taskbar button mode: "DisplayFusion taskbars show all windows, Windows taskbar shows none"
- Change: New Wallpaper Image Provider: WallpaperFusion
- Change: New Wallpaper Image Provider: 500px
- Change: Wallpaper window re-uses the image loading windows, so you don't have to re-search for images on different monitors
- Change: Added an Advanced Setting to allow scaling (grow or shrink) of the Start Buttons
- Change: Added an Advanced Setting to remove the hot-corner gap in Windows 8 on the DisplayFusion taskbar
- Change: Added an Advanced Setting to force TitleBar Buttons to be positioned using the normal size, even when maximized (good for Matrox monitor divider)
- Change: Added a prompt when deleting a Wallpaper or Desktop Icon profile that is in use by a Monitor Profile
- Change: You can now double-click a monitor image in the Wallpaper window to open that file in Windows Explorer
- Change: New Win8 Feature: "Move Power User Menu (Win+X) to current mouse position"
- Change: New Win8 Feature: "Bypass Windows Start Screen" (boots straight to the desktop)
- Change: New Win8 Feature: "Adjust Border Margin/Padding"
- Change: New Win8 Feature: "Mini-Start Screen" (shrink the Windows 8 Start Screen to a specific size)
- Change: Wallpaper background colour can now be a gradient
- Change: Added a Function to toggle the Window Location feature
- Change: Added an "Adjustments" tab in the wallpaper window for scaling/moving/rotating/flipping images
- Change: Added a "Show in Explorer" menu item to the wallpaper window (right-click a monitor in the preview pane at the top)
- Fix: Window Location performance and compatibility improvements
- Fix: TitleBar Button performance and compatibility improvements
- Fix: Taskbar button grouping detection improvements
- Fix: Performance improvements for the Settings and Wallpaper windows
- Fix: Wallpaper window is now sized correctly (with scrollbars when needed)
- Fix: Languages no longer revert to auto-detected when updating
- Fix: Taskbar buttons now show the correct icons for some problem applications
- Fix: DisplayFusion Taskbar transparency now matches the Windows Taskbar in Windows 8
- Fix: Windows 8 TitleBar Button alignment improvements
- Fix: Wallpaper preview icons no longer show "my computer" icon sometimes
- Fix: Context menus no longer open behind the Taskbar
- Fix: Improved alpha blending on Start Button images
- Fix: Wallpaper files are no longer locked in Explorer
- Fix: Taskbar no longer disappears when "Show Desktop" is used
- Fix: No longer receive a GDI+ error when pasting images into the Wallpaper window
- Fix: Screen Savers now allow "preview mode" to be unchecked when spanned
- Fix: Search Charm no longer appears in odd locations in-front of Metro apps
- Fix: TitleBar Buttons no longer blink over certain applications (Adobe CS6)
- Fix: PuTTY can now be resized using Functions
- Fix: Start Menu is now drawn correctly when using a WindowBlinds custom theme
- Fix: Taskbar Preview Size advanced setting now works correctly
- Fix: Monitor Profile detection issues (with cloning, Eyefinity) are resolved
- Fix: "CurrentMonitor is NULL" issue has been resolved
- Fix: DisplayFusion Screen Saver is now correctly disabled when changing to the Free version of DisplayFusion
- Fix: Window Snapping with Adobe CS6 (and possibly others) now works without messing up the window
- Fix: Taskbar clock text improvements
- Fix: Screen Saver previews failed to load sometimes
- Fix: Screen Saver list was duplicated sometimes

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